Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday : Double Decker

I had taken a ride on a similar bus in  2005  .. by the time I could take my family on it the city had discontinued its services...now on  2011 they brought it back in to  service with off course a new bus ... but still the same DOUBLE DECKER . We left our  vehicle at Ghandhi Park on  Sunday morning ..10:00 am ( initially  we planned to be there at  7 ..but you know ( may you don't ) with kids and all .. getting ready on  time .. is far stretched ..!!!) Any how  the bus came to platform no 1 .. at 10 : 20 am ( promt!!...I am  impressed !) .. even  before the bus pulled up at the designated spot  people  rushed in  ..was evident there were many like us  .. just for the bus ride ! so we did the same  too ..hey  in  Rome be a Roman  !!!.. besides if you dont we wont get the front seat upstairs ..  I  kept  pushing dee along to up front and  we finally got  the front seat ...ok  ready .. the bus took off ( hehehe  that  how you initially felt with a bit of wobbling and all )  at 10: 30  am  Below are a few ( a lot !! )  pictures  so  come and enjoy a high angle  view of the  Trivandrum city !!


AT THE BEACH : inside shots and outside of the bus 

Returning back :

Oh boy that was one trip well done !!!.. its really cost effective ..  as the whole trip for the 3 of us just took  30 Rs only !!.. we didn't get off at the beach  while the other passengers did .. we just rode back in the same  bus again  !.. but the conductor  said  the bus makes a trip every one hour ..  so  for those who likes to get some beach  time .. can  do  so ...  we didn't coz  we were there for the bus ride ! .. afterwards we had lunch  at Arul Jothi (hmmm .. lovely curd vadai there ..  )  making our Sunday " DOUBLE" the fun !!! ..untill  next time !!  


Nice Blog Riyaz, Nostalgic feelings coming again.
A long time back ( around 15 years) , there were atleast four Double Deckers routes at Trivandrum City. One was through my bus stop towards Pravachamblam. I used to travel in this double Decker during those days. I now travel very little on buses. But I am planning to have a Double Decker ride this month.

Thanks for the nice words Saji ... yeah you should take a ride in it !! ..it was fun

oh! riyaz bhai nice!!!! It's the time and opportunity to view our city in a different angle..soon i will blessed. My last Double Decker journey {first too},which was happened a long back (i think when i was studying in 4th). We have one opportunity every year to visit trivandrum{with father and mother}.It probabaly on onam days which was fully packed with Movie,Shopping,beach,museum...And one day, Me and my brother got front seat upstairs..Still i can feel that excitements...

Iam glad that I was able to touch base with many people and help them remember their good memories from the past ... thanks for your comments ..you should try the double decker those who have not ...ITS F U N !!

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